Optical film inspection system


Finding and applying optimum optical conditions through various optical experiments is a key to optimizing defect detection performance on optical film.

By leveraging our many years of experience in optical technologies, our company has identified the optical properties of various types of film materials, determined the optimum detection conditions, and applied them to the products delivered by our company



• Provides superior detection performance through various optical technologies

• Enables convenient lot management (various data such as inspection roll length / inspection

duration / worker / defect type can be saved and checked later.)

• Maintains inspection precision while product feeding speed changes

• Utilizes results through various communication channels

• Saves and prints all defect images

• Performs defect trend analysis and generates a statistical report

• Generates various types of defect detection reports

• Displays defect distribution in real time

• Displays defects in multiple ways, such as alarm/buzzer/labeler/marking device


• Automatically screens out defective products during individual product feeding




Vision system




4K, 6K, 8K Linescan

35mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm

LED, Hologen, High frequency FL

Inspection targets

PP film, OPP film, PE film, PET film, EVA film, Prizm film, PVC film, OPET film, PA film, PVAC film, laminate film, multi-layer film, PS film, matt film, Teflon film, adhesive film, other miscellaneous films

Product types

roll to roll or sheet

Product specification

Width of product, feeding speed

Defect types

Bubble, foreign substance, scrap of thread, white dot, pinhole, stain, scratch

Example system configuration

Main screen