What is GS-BIG?

The primary factor that determines the development of fruits is cell division. The extent of

cell division decides the growth of the plant, foliage volume, development of roots, number

and size of fruits, their qualities, and storage performance.

GS-BIG contains fermented extracts of a seaweed called Ascophyllum Nodosum. Charged

with rich plant growth modulators, the product facilitates cell division, growth, and

development to enhance product values.


Treating the crops with GS-BIG will result in a difference in the form of tissues and cell

growth, and the growth of the plant will never be the same. The stalks of the fruits will

be longer, and the ovary will develop more consistently.

After using the product, the energy of the plant will be concentrated on flowering. New

sprouts will come, the flower will blossom, and new leaves will come out, while the fruits

develop. Also, the product will make your crop more resistant against low temperature.

Using the product will result in other benefits, such as maturing, maintenance of freshness,

and more. To maintain such benefits until harvesting, the product should be applied on

the right timing. And, a sufficient amount of water and nutrients should be provided to

keep up with the development of the cells. Especially, softening of the fruit will decrease

if calcium is applied at the earlier stage of fruit set.

Main Active Ingredients 

Cytokinin (as kinetin) 0.004%, Fermented Ascophyllum Nodosum extracts 20%, physiological activity enhancers 1%