Germicidal power of copper and sulfur has been proven for a long time and has been widely used worldwide. 
However, damage due to them frequently occurred and there have been serious side effects such as a lot of weakness and even corrosion of pipes and vinyl.

Can we use copper and sulfur safely and effectively?

The answer is to make nanoparticles (nano). If we make germicidal copper and suffur ultra-fine nano-sized, the effect is enhanced and the side effects are eliminated.

Characteristics and advantages of SSR-C (Nano Copper) and SSR-S (Nano Sulfur)

1. It is about 2-3 nanometers in size which is smaller than bacteria or fungus, thus maximizing sterilizing power. In addition, copper and sulfur which are known to be incompatible with each other, It can be used safely and can increase the disinfection effect.
2. It induces the photocatalyst to the plant and increases the photosynthesis. This is because of the sterilization process using conventional pesticides, there is a feeling that the crops are stressed and the leaves become hardened. After SSR-C (nano copper) and SSR-S (nano sulfur) treatment, diseases are cured and corps begin to breathe life.
3. It is effective for specific diseases or specific crops and it can be
applied in a wide range and comprehensive manner and enabling rapid control of abnormal symptoms without diagnosing the exact
pathogenesis. (Apply to bacterial, fungal diseases, etc.) 
4. It is very safe for humans and animals and there is no worry of residual pesticides. It can be harvested right after controlling.

How to use(Mixing with Permeating Agent is recommended)

- When applying to greenhouse crops, start fertilization early in the morning or late afternoon. 
- Hold bees in the beehive and then start fertilization.

Cases of applied crops