About Metal Decoration Inks, Can Coatings

Metal-decorative inks are printed on metal plates such as aluminium or steel, generally using thermal or UV curable inks. 
DIC has a various range of Metal Decoration Ink, suitable for 2 piece DI can mainly used for beverage, 2 piece DR can mainly used for fish can, 
and 3 piece can for coffee, tea, food, etc.

DIC's Advantages

The Metal Decorative ink business of DIC is fully integrated with Sun Chemical,
enabling a global sales network providing the same products wherever you are. 
We have a full product portfolio to satisfy technical specifications such as retort resistance, heat resistance, lightfastness etc., 
as well as products and documentation to support the increasingly demanding regulatory and compliance requirements of our customers.

Major Applications

Food Cans such as for Tuna Oil sardine, Beverage cans for Beer and carbonated drinks, 
and Coffee Cans and General Cans like Candy Cans and Oil Cans.