-Polyester non-woven fabric, Polyethylene film, Arclylmonomer, Latex, Resin, Special solvents, Special the release agent, Static-electricity absorbent, Anti-Waste matter, Some special materials


· PET Non woven- Base material is PET non woven fabric that is excellent in cushion.
· Excellent in removing minute dust - Its cushion effect makes it possible to remove trash and dust completely.
· Perforations for easier cutting off - Perforations for easier cutting off is adopted to make it more convenient to use.
· Stained adhesive film can be peeled off easily - A new film is available any time just by peeling off the stained film.
                                                                    -Roll replacement is also easy
· Available Size for roller
-80mm x 20M
-160mm x 20M
-320mm x 20M
· Inner diameter of core(mm)