Aluminum Sulfate

Change of raw material and Way to manufacture

1. Change of raw material 
Since professors of Rutger University, Austen and Wilber, published their research on the agglutinability of Aluminum Sulfate in 1885, it is a coagulant used widely in volume until now thanks to its excellent agglutinability and marketability. Even now, a design standard of coagulation sedimentation process and coagulation function are all based on coagulation sedimentation data of Aluminum Sulfate. Previously, main raw materials of Aluminum Sulfate were clay, alumina debris, and Aluminium Hydroxide. As high quality of aluminum hydroxide rarely contains impurities, high purity of Aluminum Sulfate is manufactured by directly reacting with sulfuric acid.

2. Way to manufacture
As a major manufacturer of Aluminum Sulfate, this company has manufactured and sold the suitable grades of Aluminum Sulfate according to extensive demand characteristics. In addition, for our company's adaptation to change of demand characteristics in accordance with recent marketability and improvement of quality standard in accordance with technology innovation, modernization and rationalization of manufacturing facilities have been aimed. This company has aimed for quality management according to standardization and grown to have the most sales of Aluminum Sulfate at various industrial fields in Korea such as paper manufacturing of domestic majors like Jeonju Paper, Hansol Paper, Young Poong Paper, Asian paper, and Artone Paper, wastewater purifying of general industries like Samsung Electronics, OIC, Hercules Korea, and Eka Korea, their own terminal disposal plant of sewage, and livestock processing.

Quality Standard

Quality Standard of Aluminum Sulfate is stipulated by KSM 1411 with general industrial standard and water supply standard. 
This company's standards are as follows.

1. Industrial use

2. Water supply use