Paint Remover

Chloride Organic Substitution, Water-soluble Resin Desquamation Technology

Paint Remover Agent

Paint is called for resin including pigment. By forming film on surface on an object and giving functions of corrosionresistance and corrosion inhibition, it can be said that it aims to increase durability. The industry performed desquamation for re-operation or recycling, but strong acid, strong alkali or chlorinated solvent compound have been used. With existing method, poor desquamation of alkali and smell from use of strong acid caused poisons, corrosion, and rust which created vicious cycling from the environmental sides of phosphate pollution, which is the principal offender for corrosion inhibition or floating caused by rust.In addition, in respect of chloride agent use, multitude of VOC, ozone layer destruction, and maleficence for field operators are rising as new issues, PR-200, which removes environmental disturbing elements, increase productivity of quick operation, and improves working environment is a high concentrated paint remover agent of new concept to improve the level of existing desquamation agent.


1. It has an excellent effect for safe corrosion inhibition and feasibility to re-paint.
2. As high concentrated aqueous solution, it has a quick desquamation effect and can increase economic productivity. 
3. It is as eco-friendly product without special environmental pollutant and hazardous poisons. 
4. It shows an excellent desquamation effect at over 70°C in use, and an excellent corrosion inhibition effect under high temperature water-soluble environment.
5. It has more excellent desquamation effect than any other paints and its desquamation operation of type 1 can be easily finished. 
6. It is possible to increase competitiveness due to shortened process of washing after sedimentation.
7. As its effect of high concentration lasts long, it saves the cost for agent use.


• Main ingredient: organic /inorganic salt compound
• Description: milky & light brownish color liquid 
• PH(neat SOLN): more than 12.0
• Gravity (20°C): 1.10=0.05

Working Process
(KIA Motors factories in Hwaseong, Soha-ri plant, Gwangju factory, and Hyundai Asan factory)