Poly Aluminium Chloride

Composition and constitution

1. The way to be P.A.C 
P.A.C is a highly alkaline inorganic polymer coagulant which is manufactured by reacting white Aluminum Hydroxid of high purity and hydrochloric acid produced by BAYER method with raw material of Bauxite. This company produces a product with wide and broad adaptability and economic feasibility by establishing stable manufacturing technology according to each demanding field. In addition, as this company acquired a new manufacturing method of P.A.C patent technology, product stability is innovatively improved without sludge caused by keeping for a long time. Since P.A.Cof low density and high alkalinity is produced for industrial use as well as water supply use, it can be supplied according to client company's conditions, which can increase economic efficiency of cost saving.

2. Composition and constitution of P.A.C 
P.A.C is polymer alkaline chloride Aluminum, generally indicated with a general formula[{AL2(OH)nCL6-n]m). Since it is a coordination compound having [AL(H20)6] at aqueous solution (but, nis 1(=n(=5, mis m<10, and basicity is n/6*100%), dihydric phenol becomes polynuclear complex and nuclear increases to form enormous high polymer inorganic compound.


1. Water supply and Drainage
2. General industrial water dealing 
 -Boiler water dealing / subterranean water purifying / All processing of pure manufacturing
3. Municipal sewage treatment
4. Factory wastewater processing  
-Dying wastewater processing / oil refining wastewater processing / iron manufacturing wastewater processing / paper factory sewage treatment / brewery wastewater processing / plating industry sewage processing / other various chemical sewage processing 
5. Coagulant and precipitant during manufacturing process 
-Organic coagulant and precipitant for ceramics use/ sediment of concentrate at floatation / elementary particle coagulant at pigment industry 
6. Disinfectant coagulant for urination disposal
7. Other special uses 
 -dust control agents / Leather tanning agent/Dyeing assistants

Product standard