Heat Curable Solder Resist Ink

SCR-505G is heat curable solder resist ink, having an adhesion and electrical properties as well as outstanding heat and chemical resistance.




Green, Blue, Red, Clear

Viscosity(25˚C VT-04F)PS After mixing

250 ~ 350

Pot-life after the mixing at 20˚C

8 hr

Curing condition

150˚C X 20 min

Pencil hardness

≥ 8 H

Resistance to molten solder

260˚C X 10 sec , 3 times

Electric Insulation resistance

3 X 1013 Ω

Shelf life(20˚C in a dark Place)

6 months

Major Features

Excellent properties of adhesion, heat resistance

* Packing Unit : 1, 5 Kg