UV Curable solder Resist Ink / UV Curable Marking Ink

This is UV curable solder resist ink formulated for using general PCB and providing coating with outstanding adhesion and heat resistance.





Green, Blue, Red, White, Black

White, Black

Viscosity(25˚C, VT-04F)PS

50 ~ 150

150 ~ 250

Type and number of lamp

Mercury lamp 80W/cm, 3lamp

Irradiating distance


Conveyor speed

3 ~ 5 (m/min)

Pencil hardness

≥ 4 H

Adhesion(JIS D0202)

100 / 100

Resistance to molten solder

260˚C X 10 sec , 3 times

Electric insulation resistance

5.0 X 1011Ω

Shelf life(20˚C in a dark Place)

6 months

Major Features

Excellent adhesion and heat
resistance for general PCB

Excellent printability,
Excellent adhesion

* Packing Unit : 5 Kg