Edible Gelatin

- Gelatin is one of the most versatile food substances with it's unique property to form a
thermo-reversible gel for the huge range of food application. 
As a former, film former, thickener, adhesive agent, shipping agent with numerous characteristics, gelatin make it
unreplaceable to the food industry.


Gelatin is an important ingredient to the confectionery industry. 
It can be characterized in different ways and primarily by its gelling power and thermo-reversibility.
Gelatin may be considered as a:

 gelling agent: jelly confectionery
whipping agent: aerated confectionery
stabilizer: anti-crystallizer 
emulsifier: fruit chews
thickening agent: filled confectionery
binder: sugar paste, liquorice
coating agent: coated chewing gums

Water jellies / Gelatin desserts

The powder mix prepared with gelatin, sugar, acids, salts, colors and flavors is a very common preparation around the world using water or milk.

Dairy foods

Gelatin and milk are an ideal combination for many formulations of aerated and low fat products. 
With the strong influence of fat replacement, interest in gelatin is growing,
and it is compatible with polysaccharides for the best texture and functionality.