Pharmaceutical Gelatin

In the pharmaceutical industry, the most single property of gelatin is the strong reversible gel-forming characteristic.
Therefore gelatin is used to make the shells of hard and soft capsules for medicines, dietary/health supplements, syrups, etc. 
It is highly digestible and serves as a natural protective coating for medications.

From the 19th century, gelatin has been used variously in the pharmaceutical industry.
One of the most important features of the gelatin in the pharmaceutical industry is to form a strong reversible gel.
These features are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry that requires film formation.

Sol–Gel transition is an important characteristic of gelatin for manufacturing capsules, suppositories and is used for manufacturing kinds of tablets as a binding, compounding agent.
Further, since the functional properties as a natural protective coating to be easily digestible and to prevent the loss of function of the drug, primarily for pharmaceutical, such as for health foods soft capsules and hard capsules, tablets and (Tablet) such coatings are used in the manufacture of tablets.