Polyester Swelling Agent


ANION - pH 6±1

• Improves the high-temperature dispersion of distributed dye.

• It can increase the amount of dyeing compared to other products.

• Oil spot is not generated due to good emulsification stability even at high temperatures.

• It does not degrade various fastness and is widely used for dyeing spot modification due to its good leveling and migration.



• It has excellent high temperature stability and is effective in dissolving, dispersing, and removing foreign material inside the dye machine, for example dye, dye decomposition, oligomer, and inorganic compounds.

• Excellent product for removing wall contamination inside the machine.

• Oil spot is not generated because emulsification is stable at high temperatures.

• Does not adversely affect the various fastness of the dyeing substance.



• There are few odors in the workshop because there are few odors.

• High temperature stability is excellent and clear color can be obtained due to excellent dye fixing.

• It has the effect of preventing uneven dyeing due to its excellent dye migrating and leveling.



• Penetration and leveling forces are high in the high temperature and high pressure dyeing conditions 

of general and heavy polyester fiber.

• It can increase the amount of dyeing compared to other products.

• Due to good dispersion, there is little oil spot caused by dye coagulation at high temperatures.

• Use only non-toxic CARRIER, which makes it easy to work, and does not leave any fine-grained carrier on the fabric,

so there is no foul odor.