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 PRODUCTS GRADE : MUV-725(Injection, Sheet, Extrusion), MUV-790 (Thin film, Durability film, Sun-Green film), MUV-7164(Silage & Warp) 
 APPLICATION PRODUCTS : Pallet, Stadium chair, Agricultural film,Outdoor plastic products) 
 Examples of the problems to the applied products In case of film, the products damage of the appearance dute to the excessive bleedout, and for the thin film, heavy burden on the cost by putting lots of materials and no effect of the stabilizer, & by putting the stabilizer into the transparent or white film, the color of the products can be changed(become yellow & black, pinking phenomenon) The discoloration can be happened though the UV-Stabilizer is added.

The discoloration of the UV Stabilizer


As the plastic is the chemical products, the color can be changed when it is exposed to heat, light for a long time.

Discoloration means some parts of the formed products has been changed chemically. Therefore, the cause of the discoloration needs to be considered by the each composed materials. Generally, plastice materials are composed with the below materials.

(1) Polymer(resin). (2) Stabilizer, (3) Functional materials, (4) Filler. (5) Other resin.

For example, Polymer base is the formation of (1) + (2), Reinforced filler is the formation of (1) + (2) + (4). & Perturbation material is the formation of (1) + (2) + (3). When the (5) is combined, it can be an alloy material.

(1) The degree of the discoloration can be estimated to what extent by the structure of the discolored polymer, For example, in case of Urethane resin, it is known to be easily discolored by the ultraviolet rays because of the basic frame that is easy to form the covalent bond.

(2) The Stabilizer, which is added to the discolored resin materials of the stabilizer, has characteristics to absorb the light energy like ultraviolet rays or supplement the radical. As for the ultraviolet rays energy and radical, in order to discompose the polymer, this stabilizer is reacted as the substitute of the polymer and it prevents the deterioration of the polymer. But, at the same time, even an effective stabilizer is apt to be chromogenic after reaction. Especially, aromatic kingdom like quinone type has the most kinds in the market and high function, but it also has a big tendency to the discoloration.

(3) As the functional materials has a variety of kinds, it needs to be decided individually.

(4) In caes of Filler, Fiberglass or mineral kingdom is come under, but those shall be not discolored first. Simply. as the fiver glass, which has been sold as a products, has a little amount of binder(epoxy resin), there is some possibility that this resin can be discolored.

(5) Other resin is in accordance with the (1). Broadly speaking, the stabilizer has the most big possibility to the cause of the doscoloration, But, itmanufacturers, so many of resin makers are reviewing how to handle the discoloration, can be refered as the object to protect the deterioration of the polymer, In the meantime, the development of less discolored stabilizer has been proceeding by the stabilizer.

▶ The cause of the discoloration 
The cause of the discoloration can be limited as some kinds.

1. Cause by the light energy : This is to be exposed to high temperature. With high temperature, if the resin is pyrolyzed, radical can be generated in some cases. And generally, while remaining for a long hours in the cylinder of forming machine, it can be discolored to green or black because material of tar field has been generated.

2. Cause by heat energy: As the fluorescent lamp radiates ultraviolet rays, this can be a cause of the discoloration, when it is left alone for a long time. In addition, as the amount of energy that is absorbed by the color of the formed products is changed, the degree of the discoloration can also be changed.

3. Cause by the mechanical (physical) energy : Discoloration can be happened when the mechanical energy is changed into heat energy. Concretely, discoloration can be happened when tries to convey the materials by force without heating enough in the measuring zone of the forming machine.

Measure for Discoloration 

The main reason is the discoloration by the discoloration remains in forming. In this case, the proper measures are to shorten the staying time of the resin as far as possible and to make enough cleaning when it is left alone with high temperature for a long period of time. As the temperature is high, the discoloration also goes together, so it is important to keep the temperature in the cylinder properly. Using black grade in advance not to be noticed the discoloration will be the one measure.

In cae of using indoors, the progress of the discoloration is very little. The fluorescent lamp shall be noticed. For example, when you keep the products in the wearhouse, the light needs to be blocked and except for the necessity, turning off the fluorescent will be a good way to prevent the discoloration.