-We provide customers with high functional Master Baches to meet the application extension of plastic materials and a variety of demands.

Dehumidifying Master Batch

● We supply high functional Master Batches to meet the customers' diversity of demands and to the extended scopes of plastic applications.

 Dehumidifying M/B
-The moisture which is contained in the forming materials and the influence of the air that is mingled during the blending of mixed materials can be the reasons of some problems, such as, bubble generation, poor quality of surface and dimensional instability. With the proper amount of mixture, our Dehumidifying M/B can completely remove the moisture or air of the mixed materials, then can be used to get high quality products without bubble.

 Caution to Use
-This is highly hygroscopic product, so if it is opened and left in high temperature and humidity place, it can be turned into moisture absorption condition, which can not be reached to original purpose of using this product. So, especially pay attention to this.