Histar, Hipol,Hipure®series
-Synthetic lubricants of fatty acid ester type, used alone or in admixture with mineral oils


▶ Histar Series
-Synthetic lubricants of fatty acid ester type commonly used
 Hipol Series
-New type of polymer ester with excellent lubricity through concentration and fusion of unsaturated fatty acids as well as lysine oleic acid polymer used in cutting oil
 Hipure Series
-High purity special functional fatty acid ester used in air conditioner, refrigerator, air compressor, engine oil

What is industrial lubricant?
-Even the well-finished surface of a friction part between two objects has irregularities. If friction occurs and a high pressure is applied as such irregular surface is mutually engaged and moved, protruding sharp parts of the irregularities cannot overcome the pressure. Purpose of industrial oil is to improve efficiency of machines by reducing friction by inserting some substance in between at this time to avoid direct contacts and thereby preventing burn-up or wear as well as reducing power consumption. OhSung Chemical is specialized in fatty acid ester and synthetic polyol ester used as a lubrication improvement agent for industrial lubricant.

 Reasons for use of industrial lubricant
-Among industrial lubricants, synthetic fatty acid ester provides excellent protection power for friction surfaces and optimum performance for a long time. Also, the usage is on the increase since it is manufactured so as to satisfy requirements of contemporary machine tools.

 Advantages of industrial lubricant
-Fatty acid ester is a pure substance rather than a complicated mixture due to production according to chemical reactions, exhibits good commerciality when oxidation prevention agent and other additives are added, and reduces the width of viscosities varying with temperature to provide low-temperature liquidity. Also, it allows optimum performance to be displayed for a long time through improvement of stability against oxidation and at high temperatures, and is an eco-friendly substance as it has biodegradable characteristics. There is an advantage that products of diversified properties can be selectively provided due to customized development definitely according to the characteristics of contemporary machine tools.

-Metal processing oil, hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, machine oil, refrigerator oil, compressor oil and turbine oil, etc.