- Polyoxymethylene, copolymer grade, is a crystalline polymer and can be used in temperature up to +100℃ The copolymer grade has excellent mechanical features, stability to humidity and easy of machining and bettr thermal stability and stronger resistance to alkalis than acetal homopolymer.

● Properties

 High mechanical strength and rigidity
 Fatigue resistance and good resistance to creep
 Good sliding properties and wear resistance
 Excellent dimensional
 Good electrical insulating and dielectric properties
 Excellent machinability
 Not resistant to high concentrated acids
 Difficult to alue and paint

● Applications

 Heavily loaded bearings, gear, parts for pump
 Dimensionally stable precision parts
 Screws, parts for the textile
 Components for chemical plants
 Electrically insulating components

● Grade

 POM - Natural, Black
 POM AST  - Black
 POM AST - Ivory