Asphalt release-agent [ECON RE1-500]

- The asphalt release agent of NH Corporation helps to have an excellent working condition by preventing asphalt from adhering to the surface of truck when loading asphalt mixture.
- This product doesn’t melt asphalt, compared to Solvent such as diesel. This product will not present a problem.
- This product is applied to surface of metal. It makes asphalt to easily desorb from metal.
- This product has performance of anti-corrosive. It is stable to use without rust of surface of metal.
- This product is manufactured with eco-friendly materials. This product is eco-friendly with excellent biodegradability.

● Result of stability test

▶ Biodegradability Test : 85.8% (during 28 days based on OECE301C)
 Fish toxicity Test : Over LC50 100mg/1 (during 96 hours based on JIS K0102)
 PRTR : non-applied

How to use


Physical properties

Test item

Test result

This product is generally sprayed on the surface where asphalt releasing is necessary.

Please keep at 0 ~ 30℃
Maintain the storage temperature below 40℃



pH(1% aq’)


Emulsion(1% aq’)



No separation