DC-3000 NPP Electro Contact Cleaner

-Packaging Unit : Aerosol 500 g/can, 20cans/Box

● Features

▶ Chloride Free
 360。 Spray

● Uses

 Video tape recorders
 Electron tubes, photoelectric tubes
 TV tuners
 Magnetic heads
 Display panels of electronic alculators
 Printed circuit boards
 Relays and switches
 Relays for telephone switchboards
 Copying machines
 Parts for liquid oxygen manufacturing plants
 Engine parts
 Measuring instruments
 Optical lenses, etc. 

● How to use

▶ Multi Cleaner is a chemically stable compound which may be safely applied to plastics and metals. Its unique properties make it ideal for the cleaning of precision apparatus and electronic parts, and also for use as a reaction solvent and extracting agent. For your reference, several examples of applications are given below.

● Cautions

 Do not keep it in the place above 40℃.
 Provide ventilation when use in the closed room.
 Do not throw it away into fire.
 Do not keep it in the closed place.