Plaguard F-150

- Packaging Unit : Aerosol 420ml/can 20cans/Box

● Features

▶ Easy-to-use one touch spray
 Special antistatic effect(surface resistance : 1010Ω Below)
 Simple use for complex-shaped molding products
 Excellent cleaning
• Transparency ensured when used on clean and transparent surface.

● Uses

▶ Cleaning and prevention of performance deterioration of computer, TV, VTR and electronic products
 Cleaning and prevention of static electricity of outdoors advertising
 Management of synthetic fiber process
 PVC resin, Acryl resin, ABS resin, PS resin, Melamine resin, Polycarbonate resin etc.
 Injection molding, plate processing and air molding

● How to use

▶ Spray method :Apply it evenly 20~30cm away from target object. Keep it dried naturally or clean it with soft cloth.
 Dipping method : Dip target objects and clean them with soft cloth or dry it naturally.
 Brush method : Cleaning by using soft cloth ensuring prevention of dust adsorption.

● Cautions

 Flammable. Do not use it near fire
 Use it in the well-ventilated place.
 Do not keep it in the place above 40℃
 Do not throw empty container into fire.