● General

-Eclipse is an internally enhanced 3Coat NonStick system, a coating that is more enhanced than any other coating.

The unique composition of Eclipse Granite combines a blend of synthetic resin and reinforced materials to provide a higher level of special reinforcement for Basecoat and Midcoat, while Topcoat is optimized for “NonStick” due to its rich fluorine resin.

Eclipse focuses on the durability of the coating market and offers more options to differentiate products with different effects.


Eclipse Granite uses Whitford’s unique spatter technology to provide unparalleled market penetration by applying attractive granite patterns with enhanced hardness and non-sticky properties. In particular, multicolor spatters are applied to a single coat to provide production efficiency.

● Characteristics 

▶ a three-coat, internally reinforced nonstick system engineered to outlast other internally reinforced coatings.
▶ basecoat contains a carefully chosen and blended combination of resins and unusually hard materials, permitting a far higher percentage of special reinforcing elements than normal.
▶ up to 60,000 cycles on the reciprocating-abrasion test, Whitford TM135G
▶ attractive granite effect using Whitford’s unique spatter technology
▶ extreme pencil hardness (> 7H)
▶ made without PFOA
▶ dishwasher-safe
▶ metal-utensil safe
▶ formulated to comply with the food-contact regulations in the major markets for which they are intended.
▶ continuous use temp of and is oven safe to 260°C / 500°F
▶ If using an active Whitford QCP approved factory, the logos and the cross-section illustration shown here are available for use on any promotional/packaging material.

● Notes

- The performance data listed above is dependent on the coating being applied as per the parameters listed here and the criteria set on the Product Data Sheet for each coating. Proper application, including proper film thickness, surface preparation and cure, are critical to this coating performing as it has been designed. Corrosion resistance will be optimum with all multi-coat nonstick systems, with proper application, as mentioned above.