Rust Grip ®

- Seal virtually any surface and protect it against corrosion, weather and physical wear with Rust Grip®, a three-coats-in-one system that acts as a primer, intermediate, and top coat with a single application.

● General

- Rust Grip® is a metallic-based, moisture-cure polyurethane encapsulating coating designed to coat and seal air, moisture and chemicals out of surfaces. Rust Grip® stands up to acids, salts and caustic materials with no loss of strength. For EPA VOC standards, Rust Grip® falls under the metallic pigmented coating category. Rust Grip® is 414 grams/liter VOC. (Current California and US National limit of 500 grams/liter)

Rust Grip® is easy to apply and stops the progression of rust and corrosion while protecting the surface far longer than conventional surface gluing and industrial grade rust inhibitors. Traditional methods of corrosion protection have remained unchanged for the past 50 years.
These methods require sandblasting, primer preparation and multiple application coats.

● Features

Rust Grip® only requires minimal preparation and no white sand blasting of the surface.
After one application, it can penetrate deep into and seal the surface, blocking corrosion quickly and effectively.
▶ Fast Working
▶ Versatile
▶ Class-A Fire Coating
▶ Strong and Lasting


▶ Anti-Graffiti 
▶ Chemical Protection 
▶ Concrete Protection
▶ Condensation
▶ Energy Savings 
▶ Fireproofing
▶ Floor Protection 
▶ Fuel Cost on Reefers 
▶ Heat Reduction
▶ Insulation 
▶ LEED Program 
▶ Metal Rusting & Corrosion
▶ Roof Protection 
▶ Underwater Protection

● Application

-Rust Grip® is used all over the world to help industries in need of innovative corrosion control solutions.
Its ability to be applied to metal, concrete and even wood makes it effective for quick application and labor savings

● Top Companies using Rust Grip®

▶ Halliburton, Eni S.p.A., Pemex Oil, Saipem S.p.A., Chevron Corp.
 Saudi Aramco Oil, Gazprom Oil, Shell Global, ExxonMobil, Rowan Companies, Inc., Drydocks World, Ecopetrol Mubarak Marine