- Eterna is a unique technology that creates significant improvements in release properties. 
Eterna is the longest- lasting nonstick that we have ever tested.
Eterna has 10 times the egg release of the nearest competitive coating, and lasts 3 times longer in the Accelerated Cooking test. 
It has extremely high-gloss and strongly repels water and grease for the easiest cleaning. 
While this is patented technology (over 10 patents worldwide, to date), it requires no special equipment and is applied using conventional spray equipment.


▶ unique technology that creates significant improvements in release properties greater than other fluoropolymers
 offers long-lasting and better release than any other nonstick coating Whitford has ever tested
(in dry-egg test WTM 199B, Eterna lasted 26 times longer than a leading brand and 10 times longer than the premium nonstick tested)
 holds over 10 patents on the unique technology used to creat this one-of-a-kind coating
 made without PFOA
 internally reinforced to provide good abrasion resistance
 requires no special equipment for application
 formulated to comply with the food-contact regulations in the major markets for which they are intended.
 continuous use temp of and is oven safe to 260°C / 500°F
 If using an active Whitford QCP approved factory, the logos and the cross-section illustration shown here are available for use on any promotional/packaging material.

● Logo Options  

● Color

 variety of colours available, including spatter finishes
 darker colours recommended for all PTFE interior coating systems.
 lighter colours can have an impact on performance, in regard to hiding power, stain resistance, or slight variations in other characteristics, as a result of pigment load required for other formulating factors.

● Notes

- The performance data listed above is dependent on the coating being applied as per the parameters listed here and the criteria set on the Product Data Sheet for each coating. Proper application, including proper film thickness, surface preparation and cure, are critical to this coating performing as it has been designed. Corrosion resistance will be optimum with all multi-coat nonstick systems, with proper application, as mentioned above.