● General

- FusionTi (Titanium) is our sol-gel ceramic coating, which maximizes the abrasion resistance of any sol-gel ceramic coating.
FusionTi is a breakthrough in sol-gel ceramic technology. It has excellent durability and resistance to abrasion, far beyond any other sol-gel ceramic coating tested. That’s due to reinforcing with titanium-based particles, which has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal.

● Characteristics 

▶ Fusion nonstick coatings have achieved FDA’s concurrence that there would be no health or safety concern with the use of the product and that Fusion nonstick coatings are exempt from FDA regulation. Fusion has been evaluated by a legal third party to ensure compliance with EU food contact regulations.
 up to 70,000 cycles on the reciprocating-abrasion test, Whitford TM135G
 made without PFOA and PTFE
 excellent stain resistance
 good release properties.
 ideal for browning and searing.
 more environmentally friendly because it cures at a low, energy-saving temperature.
 continuous use temperature of and is oven safe to 285°C/550°F. NOTE: This only applies to the coating. The continuous use temp of the other components of the finished product must also be considered.
 If using an active Whitford QCP approved factory, the logos and the cross-section illustration shown here are available for use on any promotional/packaging material.

● Logo Options  

● Color

 variety of colours available, including spatter finishes
 darker colours recommended.
 lighter colours can have an impact on performance, in regard to hiding power, stain resistance, or slight variations in other characteristics, as a result of pigment load required for other formulating factors.

● Notes

- The performance data listed above is dependent on the coating being applied as per the parameters listed here and the criteria set on the Product Data Sheet for each coating. Proper application, including proper film thickness, surface preparation and cure, are critical to this coating performing as it has been designed. Corrosion resistance will be optimum with all multi-coat nonstick systems, with proper application, as mentioned above.