● What is PHOSPO?

- PHOSPO’s main ingredient is phosphorous acid, which is effective in preventing and curing infectious diseases. 

The product also contains copper for disinfection properties since its launching in 1999,

making it the origin of all phosphorous acid agents in the market.

● Main active ingredients

▶ Phosphorous acid 24%

Salicylic acid 3.2%


● Characteristics and Effects

1. A specially designed phosphorous acid agent to prevent the phosphoric acid from getting insoluble. 
Due to the increased absorption properties, it is possible to be relocated between the surface part and the underground part.
2. The product enhances the immune system of the plants to reduce the occurrence of diseases, 
while enhancing the resistance against diseases in leavers and roots.
3. Protects the plants from various harmful substances in soil.
4. Facilitates the growth of roots, without causing overgrowth due to lack of nitrogen.
5. An environmentally-friendly product that can be used safely. 

● How to Use