What is GS-MAG?

A product based on Polysaccharide and magnesia. 
This product is a liquid magnesium agent containing physiological enhancer.

▶ Phosphorylation, enzyme activation
 Facilitates formation of chlorophylls.
 Enhances photosynthesis capacity.
 Increases resistance against pathogens.
 Prevents yellow leaves and leaf loss.


MgO   10%
Fe   0.1%
B2O3   0.05%
Mo   0.0005%

 Main Active Ingredients

  Polysaccharide 5%, Amino acid 5%

 Functions of Magnesium

 Magnesium is a component of chlorophyll.
 Helps mobility of phosphoric acid.
 Helps synthesis of fat.

 Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency
When magnesium, the building block of chlorophyll, is insufficient, deposition of nutrient through photosynthesis does not occur.
 The areas between the tips and veins of older leaves turn yellow.
 Lack of leaves begins to appear around fruits.
 Sometimes, the veins or petioles turn purple.

 How to Use

 500ml/250L (1:500 solution)

 Comparison of chlorophyll between magnesium sulfite and GS-MAG (cucumber)

 Both magnesium sulfite and GS-MAG can prevent magnesium insufficiency.
However, if you want to resolve an existing insufficiency, it is more effective to use GS-MAG.