● How can we prevent cold weather damage?

- Cold weather damage is a low-temperature disorder and the freezing damage is caused by low temperature beyond the temperature resistance of the crop. However, some crops can be damaged and some crops can be turned over safely even in the same low temperature condition in the same crop area. 
It is also often repeated depending on the terrain. In recent years, the severity of the abnormal climate has been increasing. 
How do you manage to increase the strength to withstand low temperatures? 
The principle is simple. Why does the river freeze and the sea freeze?
Also, do you freeze mineral water and freeze ionic drinks? This is because the freezing point is different.
If the ion concentration in the body of the crop is high, the freezing point is lowered and becomes strong at low temperature. 
The body's ion concentration is determined by the quality and quantity of nutrients. 
In particular, the amount of nitrogen and potassium are important. When nitrogen is excessive, it is the same symptoms as obesity.
In case of human, it will cause diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipemia which will make you vulnerable to low temperature disability.
In addition, when nitrogen is insufficient, it also causes a decrease in physical strength and making it vulnerable to low temperature disability. 
In addition, potassium is the most important factor to increase resistance to environmental stress and water metabolism control. 
Ensuring sufficient amounts of potassium in the body increases the ability of the crop to withstand low temperatures.

● Characteristics and Effects 

1. This product is mainly made from seaweed extract and liquid potassium, and is designed to minimize damage caused by low temperatures, 
2. I tightens the cytoplasm and enhances the plant physiological activity and strength to withstand environmental stress such as cold weather, freezing weather, and frost damage. 
3. It contains a large amount of plant nutrients that affect water metabolism and helps to absorb and move quickly, to increase the ability of crops to withstand cold weather and frost damage.
4. It improves the quantity and quality by helping the accumulation and hypertrophy of the sugar in the crops at the time of crops fruiting season. 

● How to use

● Cautions

1. Please adjust the concentration according to the growing condition of the crop and use immediately after dilution.
2. It is recommended to spray at the time of rising temperature to increase absorption of low temperature crops. 
3. Pesticide or nutrient mixture should be used after diluting the product first, If you are uncertain of mixture, please use after small test, 
4. Adjust the dilution rate according to the recommended dilution rate because dilution amount varies depending on the method of application and the machine used.