● What is CAP2018? 

CAP2018 contains a high level of phosphoric acids and calcium, providing anti-excessiveshoot growth and nitrogen regulating efficacy. 
This product can be used to prevent overgrowth, and to promote coloring and sugar content.


▶ N  4%
 P2O5  10%
 K2O  3%
 CaO  8%
 B2O3  0.05%
 Mo  0.0005% 

● Characteristics and Effects

1. When there is a concern of excessive shoot growth, overgrowth due to excessive nitrogen,
the product prevents overgrowth of the surface part compared to the underground part and contributes to the yield of healthier crops.
2. Use the product during the maturing period to enhance maturity and sweetness, while also improving storage performance.
3. The leaves of leaf vegetables will growth thicker, and the tissue denser, preventing sagging of the plant during summer and enhancing resistance against diseases.
4. When used on bulb vegetables, the sizes and storage performance of the bulbs will improve, as well as their numbers

● How to Use