● What is SEAWEED-F?

- The product is a natural seaweed extract liquid, which is manufactured by heating and pressuring Ascophyllum Nodosum of at least 4 -year-old from the
coast line of Norway (which is a perfect environment for seaweeds to grow).
The product has a large amount of active substances such as plant hormones, betaine, beta1-3 glucan, and more, as well as the essential minerals and amino-acids for plant growth.

● Main ActiveIngredients 

Ascophyllum Nodosum extracts 35%

● Effects of SEAWEED-F

 Reduced damages in cold temperature or frosts: 
Making plants more resistant to cold/frost damages that occur in early spring or late autumn.
 Increased fruit sizes and numbers :
Stimulating cell division of plants, and increasing the size and number of fruits by providing the energy and nutrients for growth
 Accelerating flowering and fruit set :
The flowers are larger and healthier and stay open longer, leading to successful fruit set.
 Enhancing plant vigor :
Keeping plant vigor that easily weakens during the peak of growth season or harvest seasons, allowing continuous harvest or earlier harvests.
 Improvement of plant immune system :
Stronger resistance against diseases due to enhanced self-defense inducing substances
 Better environmental adaptation :
Maintaining plant vigor in hard conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, drought, high humidity etc

● Application Method

 For foliar application : 
Dilute to 1:500 to 1:1000. Apply in 7 to 10-day intervals.
 For fertigation :
Apply in every 10 days, 500ml/330 - 660 ㎡
 For apple, pear, grapes, and peach, etc. :
When the buds sprout, full blossom, after fruit set, development, before and after the rainy season, and maturing period
 For mandarin orange : 
3 to 4 days before flowering, flower drop, after fruit set, and 6 weeks before harvesting.
 Strawberry :
First flowering after planting, 10 days after flowering, before and after harvesting. Apply repeatedly in every 21 days.
 Watermelon, cucumber, and melon :
Apply from the flowering of female flowers till fruit set, in every seven days for two times.  Then, apply repeatedly in every 14 days.
 Tomato, pepper, paprika, and eggplant : 
After the plant grows to 15 ~ 20cm, first flowering, and apply repeatedly in every 14 days.
 Rubus coreanus and Schisandraceae :
Before flowering, after full blossom, after fruit set
 Onion, potato, sweet potato, and garlic : 
When there are four to six leaves, bulb setting, bulb development

● How to Use SEAWEED-F

- SEAWEED-F is a natural plant vigor enhancer that is absorbed by the core of the plant directly.
While not being an artificial hormone, the product boots growth of the plant and makes it healthier.
Foliar application, or applying the product to fully soak the root will result in higher plant vigor and root growth, 
so that the plant may absorb more water and nutrient, become healthier, and yield more harvests.