What is BULB UP? 

- BULB UP is a product that enhances the development of bulb by stimulating the growth of the underground part of the plant, containing Ascophyllum Nodosum extracts and special development enhancers to increase metabolism of the roots. 

● Main Active Ingredients 

▶ Seaweed extract (Ascophyllum Nodosum) 15%, Amino acid 8% 

● Characteristics and Effects 

1. The product, based on a mixture of seaweed extracts and special ingredients for development enhancers, 
activates the growth points and facilitates cell division to reinforce bulb development.
2. If the roots are weak and development is hindered, 
the product accelerates metabolism to facilitate the growth of new roots and help the development of bulb.
3. The product relocates the nutrition from the surface parts to the underground parts to facilitate later-stage bulb development.
4. The product activates microorganisms in the soil and enhances the physical properties to help the growth of roots and absorption of nutrients.

● How to Use


 Total-N  1.5%
 P2O5  6.5%
 K2O  4.0%
 B2O3  0.05%
 Mo  0.0005%

● Comparison of Bulb Sizes

 The crops fertilized with the product showed differences not only in numbers but also in shapes, 
showing that the product can enhance not only the volume but also the value of the harvest.

 In the case of radishes, the crops fertilized with the product did not show a significant difference in
terms of product values. But, the size was bigger by around 5%. 

 In the case of onions, the crops fertilized with the product showed an increase in the size and weight,
by more than 10%.