● What is BIG BULB? 

- During the bulb development phase, which is a critical time for the growth of onion, garlic, and potato roots, 
the product helps relocation of nutrients from beyond the surface to the bulbs. 

● Main Active Ingredients 

▶ Chelate agents 2%, B+Zn+Mo 10%, Polysaccharide 23%

● Characteristics and Effects

1. BIG BULB is an environmentally-friendly special agent that uses the essential nutrients for root developments to prevent absorption of nitrogen during the bulb development phase and moves the nutrients to the underground in an efficient manner to maximize accumulation of nutrition in the roots, contributing to the development of larger bulbs and promotion of root growth. 
2. This product can be used when the plant is overgrowth during the bulb development phase or the root is not absolving nutrients due to interference with the functioning of the root to make bulbs larger. 
3. The product suppresses the action of nitrogen and regulates the carbon-nitrogen ratio to achieve a balance between the root and the parts above.
4. The product protects the crops from disorders caused by excessive nitrogen such as weakened resistance, environmental stress, poor storage .

● Time of Application and Method 


 B2O3   25%
 Zn   0.1%
 Mo   0.0005%

● Cautions

1. The product can be used along with insecticides, sterilizers, and fertilizers. But, do not use with alkali products.
2. During the growth period, this product may slow down growth due to suppression of nitrogen. Time your application.
3. Do not dilute more than 1:1000. Do not use more than three times.

● Bulb Development Comparison

- A comparison of the onion, garlic, and potato harvest clearly shows that the application of the product resulted in around 10% or more increase in the harvest volume.