Characteristics and Effects 

1. This product provides nutrition to seeds through the seed priming technology.
2. Providing sufficient nutrition to seeds is important for their sprouting and growth.
3. The product can be used easily on various types of seeds, including grains such as rice, bean, maize, wheat, or barley, as well as garlic or potato, etc.
4. The well-balanced nutrition for the seeds and superb absorption is the unique merit of this product. 

● Main Active Ingredients

▶ Cytokinin (as kinetin) 0.004%, Microbial metabolic product

● How to Use

 Rice seeds or other grains : 
Prepare a diluted solution by adding 100ml of the product to 100L of water. Then, soak 100kg of seeds for 24 hours. 
(May be used during insecticide disinfection.)
 Seed garlic or other bulbs : 
Prepare a diluted solution by adding 20ml of the product to 20L of water. Then, soak 20kg of seed bulbs for five hours. 
(May be used during insecticide disinfection)


 B2O3 0.05%
 Mo 0.0005%


● Cautions

1. This product is for preparing seeds only. Please contact us first if you intend to use the product on crops.
2. This product can be used along with insecticides. 
When used together, observe the soaking time requirement for the insecticide.
3. This product contains chelate fertilizer of slight acidity and cannot be used on organic crops.
4. If you have any doubt, please contact us or run a small-sized test.