Polyester / Alkyd Resins

- Polyester resins have good mechanical properties such as flexibility, impact resistance and abrasion resistance. 
They also have excellent build and appearance, and are used in a various applications such as construction, wood working, steel sheets, PCM (Pre-Coating Metal) coatings and adhesives.

- Condensation resins are manufactured from the reaction of polyol and polybasic acid and they possess polyester bonds on the main chain. For coatings, condensation resins are classified into alkyd resins containing natural oils and fatty acids and oil-free alkyd resins with only a polyester structure.

- Condensation resins are used for various types of coatings including ambient temperature drying, forced drying, baking, and two-component urethane curing.  DIC offers polyester/alkyd resins that have achieved high functionality through modification with other resins such as acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, phenols and silicones.