Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules

- SEPAREL, DIC's hollow fiber membrane modules was developed from our own proprietary techniques. Extremely efficient degassing is achieved without leaking by this proprietary hollow fiber membrane structure.

DIC's Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules

▶ Membrane Modules for Water 
-SEPAREL modules for water can remove oxygen and carbon dioxide from ultrapure water.

 Membrane modules for surfactants
- SEPAREL modules for surfactants are able to degas liquids containing surfactants.

 Membrane modules for inkJet inks
SEPAREL modules for inkJet inks have optimal structure for degasification and aeration for various ink types and applications.

 Membrane modules for chemicals and solvents
SEPAREL modules for chemicals and solvents can degas and debubble liquids used in semiconductor and LCD manufacturing processes.

 Gas Separation Modules
- Our proprietary hollow fiber membrane (SS membrane) possessing a skin layer on the surface has an excellent gas transmission rate and separation performance and it is especially suited to separating oxygen and nitrogen.

 Antistatic Device for Ultra-pure Water
- The eFLOW Series controls the specific resistance value of ultra-pure water by supplying carbon dioxide through the hollow fiber gas permeable membrane uniquely developed by DIC.