PTFE (Polytelrafluoro ethylene)

Famous as 'Teflon', accounting for 60% of fluorine resin

● Overview

- 4F (PTFE) is the most typical fluorine resin which accounts for 60% of the entire demand for fluorine resin and has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance, low friction property, non-adhesive property,  and electrical properties, which are very unique.
Due to its distinguished properties, it mainly is used where various properties are required at the same time (heat resistance + electrical properties, chemical resistance + heat resistance, non-adhesiveness + heat resistance, etc.). Specifically, the chemical or semiconductor industry which requires chemical and solvent resistance.

● Features

① Continuous operating temperature = 260℃ (can be used continuously at high temperatures)
② Low friction properties (the least friction coefficient of all solids)
③ Exceptional chemical resistance (not invaded by almost all chemicals)
④ Electrical properties (low dielectric constant, dielectric tangent, etc.)
⑤ Non-absorbent (close to zero.)
⑥ Superior weather resistance and non-stickiness