Wastewater disposal chemical

● Summary

- The primary treatment using sedimentation, secondary treatment using microorganisms, the reuse of treated water, nitrogen and phosphorus, such as advanced treatment for nutrient removal, sludge reduction and stabilization Sewage treatment across all sectors and all types of wastewater treatment so that you can fully committed to the development of technology.

● Organic flocculants

- Polymer strong as cationic, pH-independent, and a very small amount of change also removes suspended solids in the water or on the excellent performance of Sludge Reduction Waste water treatment process, such as indicating to increase efficiency and reduce costs Sikkim
▶ Representative items : WC-AQ7000, WC-AQ111, WC-M4000, WC-H4000 etc..
 Use : Turbidity increase and improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment & SS, COD removal rate of improvement

● Inorganic coagulant

- Agglomerated fine particles suspended in the wastewater capacity is excellent, excellent cleaning effect of wastewater suspended, Floc settling of this excellent spirits, dyeing, Leather factories, and the value of the aggregation process is very widely used in the affordability
 Representative items : Alum, PAC, Iron sulfate, Ferric chloride, Slaked, Magnesium hydroxide
 Use : Turbidity increase and improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment and the SS, COD removal rate of improvement

● Flocculant

- Wastewater dispersed stably dispersible polymer coagulant precipitated by suspended particles, injuries, Floc as possible creates a solid-liquid separation process, Coming from the treatment with raw sludge and excess sludge from the microbial treatment to give a particle size of agglomeration greatly facilitate the action of the solid-liquid separation to be
 Representative items : Anion, Nonion, Cation Coagulants
                  Transfer of chemicals, Songwon Industrial, Kolon Life Science ulsan Dealer and Distributor
 Use : Floc size coarsening of the sedimentation rate or increased rate of dehydration

● Forced spit

- Physical and chemical or biochemical treatment process can be used both as a water-soluble polymer compound can be applied in any pH range Solid-liquid separation of sludge sedimentation is enhanced and promoted the increased dewaterability
 Representative items : WC-Q704, Q706
 Use : Ability to improve flocculation by increasing the settling velocity SS and COD Increasing removal

● Microbial nutrient

- A biologically treated wastewater to the removal of organic substances with different nutritional needs a stock consisting of a number of microorganisms. Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in each of the liquid mixed product-specific wastewater treatment plant based on the Balance influence the growth and proliferation of microorganisms by supplying the proper conditions in the wastewater BOD5: N: P ratio of 100:5:1 significantly contribute to maintaining
 Representative items : NP Series
 Use : Microbial removal of organic matter in the wastewater necessary nutrients for growth and proliferation

● Ion exchange resin

- Ion exchange with ions that can be specialized water treatment and purification as insoluble synthetic organic solvents used strong acids, strong alkalis, strong alkalis, strong oxidizing agents, It is the more stable and reducing viaduct has excellent resistance to oxidation and in basic
 Representative items : Ulsan Korea Dow Chemical Distributors, Ltd. Samyang Product Handling
                  Strong acid cation resin, Strongly basic anion resin
                  Acidic, weakly basic positive / negative ion resin, mixed resin, special resins and other resins, such as uniform

● Second seed

- Highly active in the decomposition of various organic and active bacterial decomposition of COD, BOD removal represents an excellent effect, bulking inhibition in the aeration tank, sludge microorganisms to improve stability and excellent deodorizing effect is shown to improve treatment efficiency significantly contribute to the aeration tank
 Representative items : High activity composite microbial agent (powder, liquid)
 Use : Aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment and management of microbial agent SEEDING

● Various filter media for water purification

- Contained in the various enemies, taste, smell, color, organic matter, neutral detergent and chlorine adsorption and sanctions
 Representative items : Sand, Gravel, Anthracite, Granular and powdered activated carbon, etc.