Coolant chemical

● Summary

- Cold air from the cooler contained in pathogenic bacteria sterilization, disinfection, and cooling water system that occurs especially Slime, Scale ,Corrosion Comprehensive water treatment to prevent disability, and Legionella, such as a cooling tower is always excellent antibacterial effect helps preserve clean.

Corrosion and scale inhibitor

- Cooling water system in a variety of water quality conditions in order to get the best effect of water corrosion and scale problems effectively controls the
▶ Representative items : WT-1020,1030, 6021 etc.

● Oxidizing microbial fungicide

- Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Growth inhibition of Legionella and other microorganisms and microbial removal of Slime excellent effect and high calcium hardness in water or cooling water system suitable for heavy Fouling
 Representative items : WT-3010, 3020 etc.

● Non-oxidizing microbial fungicide

-Piping, heat exchangers and thermal effects due to microbial heat exchange efficiency is improved by preventing equipment
 Representative items : WT-3001, 3002 etc.