Overview of RUSTEC VCI Paper

● Overview 

- RUSTEC VCI Paper is produced by immersing specially designed Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Liquid in pulp materials (Kraft Paper).
This is a rust-resistant packing material used for storage and transportation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 
(Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Paper produced in accordance with MIL-SPEC (MIL-P-3420))

● Features and Advantages

▶ Corrosion inhibition is possible even in fine corners as vapor penetrates into a metal of an irregular shape that makes it difficult to apply anti-rust oil.
 Since evaporation proceeds slowly inside the paper, the corrosion inhibitor effect lasts long. There is no risk of air pollution
 Since it is applicable with no need for anti-rust oil, working environments can be maintained clean.
 Since no grease removal or follow-up work is necessary, the process is shortened and cost efficient.
 It is non-toxic, (containing no phosphate, silicon, chrome acid, or heavy metals) 
 It is possible to form a shape that is suitable for various packing conditions, (PE coating type, woven laminating paper type, etc.)
 No effect on conductivity or resistance of electronic parts: it is possible to protect the metallic surface with any filmy or oily (lubricant, etc.) layer for storage, transportation, marine transportation.
 These products have passed the SGS RoHS TEST (EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive).

● Applicable Areas of RUSTEC VCI Paper

 How to Apply

- Automobile area:
chassis parts, engine, axle, clutch, and various steel parts
- Heavy machinery area :
heavy equipment parts, power generator and turbine, transporting machinery, grinder, printer, etc. 
- Precision machinery area : 
clock parts, various gauges, jig, robot parts, medical machinery, etc.
-Electric/electronic area : 
motor, communication equipment, printer substrate, etc. 
- Material area 
cold rolling steel plate, coil, wire rope, various timber, pipe, etc. 
- Munition area :
cannon, shotgun barrel, cannonball, caterpillar, jet engine, bayonet, grenade, magazine, mine, etc. 
- Others :
M/C tool, hand tool, bearing, gear, electronic tool, drill, bolt & nut, etc. 
- Slipsheet in a box for export packing

● Types and sizes of RUSTEC VCI Paper


Paper for common use -ferrous metal (carbon steel), non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, copper alloy, etc.) 
PE coating paper 
Woven laminating paper (Woven+Paper+ Corrosion inhibitor processing) 
PE Woven laminating paper (PE+Woven+Paper+Corrosion inhibitor processing)

● Uses and Storage of RUSTEC VCI Paper

▶ How to Use
- Prior to packing, the packing contents should involve no corrosion or foreign substances. 
- Stick the contents to the VCI paper as closely as possible,
Be sure that there is no other substance between the contents and the paper.
- Be sure that the packing is closed. If it is opened. repacking is required. 
- Be sure to wear gloves while working on it. Be sure that no fingerprint or sweat is on the product. 
- Wrap up with the VC1-treated surface.
- 1m² of RUSTEC Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Paper can protect contents whose surface area is about 3m²

▶ Storage
- Keep it in a sealed container.  After use, the remaining product should be kept in the original packing state or in a sealed state.
- Keep it under 300 if possible. Store it in a cool and dry place with no direct sunlight.

 ▶ Corrosion inhibitor period. 
- When it is sealed completely, 1 year or longer (The period may be extended depending on the packing condition)