Packaging Unit  

▶  Aerosol 420㎖/can, 20cans/Box

● Features

▶ Excellent cleaning effect, fast-evaporating, removing oil and flux from PCB.
▶ Stability :  storable for long time with chemical stability, no discoloring on PCB.  
▶ Non-petroleum and non-Freon compounds : Using no organic solvent (toluene, benzene) and Freon substance.


▶ Removes flux, oil and grease.  
▶ Cleaning all precision instruments and metals.

● How to use


▶ Do not use it toward fire.
▶ Do not use near heater or stove.
▶ Do not use in the room using fire.
 Do not keep it in the place above 40℃.
▶ Provide ventilation to use it in the closed room.
 Do not throw it away into fire.
 Punch the can to throw it away.
 Do not keep it in the closed place.
▶ Spraying may not work well below 5℃.