Cleaner for LCD Monitor - LCD-3 

Packaging Unit 

▶ Aerosol 150㎖/can, 20cans/Box


 Specially designed to clean LCD monitor in a safe and efficient way.
 Containing no alcohol substance. (Most of other products can give damage to LCD monitor since they are mainly composed of alcohol or ammonia substances.)


 LCD/CRT monitor
 LCD eye-guards
 DVDs, CDs, CD-R/RWs

 How to use

 Apply some to paper tissue or cloth that does not generate dust. Rub it against the target item to clean.
 In case of using large quantity of product in industrial sites, pour product into container, dip the items to be cleaned into the container and use a soft brush, etc. to clean the items. This method enables to clean a large number of items in a short period of time.


 Although it is not inflammable, do not use product near fire.

 Use product in well-ventilated area.

 Do not store product in the temperature of 50℃ or higher.

 Product may not be safe to all plastic materials. Make sure to administer pretest before use.