Packaging Unit 

▶ Liquid 20kg/Tin can
● Features

- MC-2 dissolves, disorbs and removes the carbons adhered to precision equipment and gum polymers created by oils, by using strong permeability. 
With excellent permeability and cleanability, it penetrates quickly into the deepest core of complex systems and show powerful cleanability.
Therefore it is not necessary to disassemble and reassemble machinery and equipment, saving time and costs. Also, it has quick drying feature. 
Separate drying process is not required. It is a nonflammable cleaner which can be used during equipment operation.

 Excellent permeability and powerful cleanability : With excellent cleanability in good harmony with quick vaporization, it penetrates quickly into the deepest core of complex precision equipment, machinery and tools, showing powerful cleanability. Perfect removal of oil, grease and dust without damaging cleaning target.
 Residues : MC-2 has high density and low surface tension. It penetrates quickly into the deepest core of complex precision metal parts, machinery and  precision equipment, and removes dirt perfectly. As it does not leave residues, separate washing is not required. Also, it can keep cleaning target clean. 
It does not attract dust or static electricity, nor contain carbon tetrachloride and silicon.
 Saftey : Stable and low-toxic. It does not disclorate and corrode metal parts, equipment and precision machinery, showing high stability. 
With its insulation ability, MC-2 can clean electric and electronic parts, electric equipment, and various machines during their operation.

● Uses

 Cleaning and degreasing of all metal parts and equipment
 Cleaning and degreasing of crank case, engine, brake lining, spring and carburettor.
 Maintenance of oil pipe line
 Cleaning of electric motor, generator and engine
 Removal of oil content and carbon adhered to nozzles
 Removal of oil content and contaminants fixed to each part of internal-combustion engines
 Degreasing of valves and bearings
 Coating of metal and pretreatment process of chemical treatment

● How to use

 Brush method : When cleaning target is severly contaminated and is hard-to-dissolve, dip it in undiluted solution for 30~60 minutes and brush it well.
 Spray method :  Use air gun to spray it at high pressure to remove oil, oil content, carbon, flux and other foreign substances.
 Dipping method : When cleaning target has low volume, dip it into undiluted solution for about 30~40 minutes and take it out. Disassembly and reassembly of complex and precise equipment and parts are not required so that time and costs are saved. When supersonic cleaning is added, cleaning effects get better.

● Cautions

 Provide ventilation during use.
 Wear cartridge respirator.
 Avoid long-time skin contact.
 Test it before use.
 Because it can give damage to rubber, plastic and painted surfaces.
 In summer season, can pressure increases and solution may pop up when cap is opened.
 Do not use it near flame or fire.
 Keep it in well-ventilated cool place without direct sunligh.