Packaging Unit

▶ Aerosol 450ml/can, 20cans/Box

● Features

- STICKER STAIN REMOVER is made from lemon extract. It is a low-irritation and low-pollution vegetable cleaner used for removing industrial bond stains, adhesive stains, tar, oil dirt and various advertising sheet like automobile window tinting sheet.
Everyone may have used toxic slovents like thinner or acetone to remove sticky adhesive, but he/she may found that product was damaged or not cleaned well, feeling stress and wasting time. STICKER STAIN REMOVER liberates you from this hard work.
You can use it to plastics, rubbers, glasses, metals and timbers. 
The product does not dissolve various bonds and adhesives but also degrades them without stain spreading. It keeps your surroundings clean. 
It removes the finger marks, crayon marks, boll point pen marks on the surfaces of refrigerator, washing machine and polishes the surfaces. 
It is a new product developed for the first time and used widely for removing oil dirt on the kitchen tiles and ventilator.

● Uses

 Adhesive stain remover :
Removal of sticker stains, adhesive tape stains, bond stains, parking-violation sticker stains and trademark stains
 Cleaning and polishing home appliances :
Cleaning of the surfaces of TV, computer, refrigerator and washing machine. Removal of oil dirt off microwave oven and ventilator.
 Removal of gum stains and oil dirt :
Removal of gum stains, tar and pitch stains. Removal of oil dirt on tile surface.
 Removal of advertising sheet :
Removal of advertising sheet stains, color sheet stains of window, and tinting stains.

● How to use

● Cautions

 Test it before using it to plastic
 Do not use product for purposes other than specified.
 Store product away from the reach of children.
 Keep the area well ventilated while using product.
 As this is an inflammable product using high pressure gas, keep the following cautions carefully.

1. Do not spray directly toward open flame.
2. Do not use it near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
3. Do not use it in an environment where there are explosive or inflammable materials.
4. Store the product in places where the temperature does not exceed 40℃.
5. After used in enclosed areas, be sure to ventilate.
6. Do not throw into a fire.
7. After use, throw it away after checking and removal the remaining gas in the container.
8. Do not store it in enclosed area.
9. Below 5℃, injection power may be poor.