Semi-Dry Film Lubricant JA-1000

Packaging Unit 

▶ 500g/ Can
 Liquid 20㎏/Tin Can

● Features

 Excellent lubrication
 Excellent durability
 Low friction coefficient ( 0.07 )
 Safe thermal resistance
 Chemical resistance
 Wide use range( -54℃ ∼ 260℃ )

● Uses

 Drive belt, gasket, packing, gear, bearing, sleeve
 Leather and plastics used for chain drive
 Lubrication of synthetic rubber
 Coating of the cable made of metal, fabric, thread, rope, twisted yarn, loop, natural fiber and synthetic fiber
 Machine parts and assembly including nuts or bolt, joint pipe and connection pipe lock, motor saw blade, machine, electric equipment, tool
 Metal work including pushing, rolling and pulling
 Use of precise AV equpipment like musical equipment, magnetic recording tape, camera shutter and film

● How to use

 Use JA-1000 by using dipping, cleaning, surface brushing or spraying(air spray, de-air spray, aerosol).
 While JA-1000 is stored in container, active components are settled.
 Shake it well before opening or use.

● Cautions

 Provide good ventilation while using it in the closed room.
 Seal the container immediately after use to prevent vaporization-induced congelation of active components.
 Pressure inside may increase due to temperature rise.
 Be careful when opening it.
 Do not open the cap toward your face(especially, in summer season)