nabamoly MoS2 Grease #631 
(EP Antiabrasive Special Grease)

Packaging Unit

▶ Grease 1ℓ(900g)/can
 Grease 500gr/can

● Features

 Due to the effects of additives, MoS2 adheres well to metal and forms a layer with extremely low friction coefficient to prevent seize or abrasion.
 As special dispersant is mixed, the product disperses abrasion powder or generated carbide to prevent damage of axle support
 With good mechanical stability, it can be used at the temperature from -50℃∼200℃.
 It is not flowed out by high temperature and high load
 Excellent acid-resistance and alkaline-resistance

● Uses

 Axle support with heavy potential and shock load
 Fast or precise Ball Roller Bearing
 Lubrication points of the plane axle support and moving area of low-and-middle speed and relatively large bearing
 Fan bearing of heating system
 Conveyor system of dryer and drying furnace