Lacquer Paint LCP-4B 

● Packaging Unit

▶ Aerosol 420ml/can, 30cans/Box

● Features

 The outstanding lacquer / paint spray having a high gloss finish.
 Spray evenly / vivid color
 Various color choice (32 colors)
 Excellent Adhesion

● Uses

 Coating on every wood and metal surface

● How to use

 Remove dust, oil, rust etc. from the surface to be applied.
 Shake well before use. (about 1 minute)
 Spray it evenly with 30㎝ away from a target surface like drawing circles.
 Spray it repeatedly (2~3 times) at an interval of ten minute.
 Under cold weather, it may not be sprayed well

Please avoid using in temperature below 5℃ or humid atmospheres(Rainy day). 
Low temperature and high humidity cause poor gloss and adhesion.

● Cautions

 Spray it after testing (It can make negative effect depending on materials or properties of surface.)
 To keep aerosol can unused for a long-time, hold it upside down and spray till no more liquid comes out to make a nozzle unblocked.
 Do not keep it inside of vehicles
 Keep it away from children.
 Do not use it for other purposes.
 Use it at outdoor or a well-ventilated place.
 Do not spray directly onto human body, animal or food.
 As this is an inflammable product using high pressure gas, keep the following cautions carefully.

1. Do not spray directly toward open flame.
2. Do not use it near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
3. Do not use it in an environment where there are explosive or inflammable materials.
4. Store the product in places where the temperature does not exceed 40℃.
5. After used in enclosed areas, be sure to ventilate.
6. Do not throw into a fire.
7. After use, throw it away after checking and removal the remaining gas in the container.
8. Do not store it in enclosed area.
9. Below 5℃, injection power may be poor.