Ultrafine particle sizs titanium dioxide (TTO series)

- A lot of industrial materials are known to improve in character or be imparted new functions when micronized.

ISK offers a full range of high quality ultrafine titanium dioxide whose particle size is approximately 1/10 of a pigmentary titanium dioxide.


dd⊙ Our TTO products have outstanding physical and chemical stability because their crystal structure is rutile.
dd⊙ Because of the ultrafine particle size, TTO products have excellent transparency and very little scattering
dd⊙ Our TTO products have excellent
ddddultraviolet shielding properties.
As we have developed many variations of particle sizes within these products, our TTO products cover a wide range of light, from UV-A to UV-B.
dd⊙ Our TTO products have superior opalescene and give the top coat of automobiles a flip-flop effect that changes color when seen from different angles.
dd⊙ Our TTO products are designed to give outstanding surface smoothness as an undercoat.
dd⊙ ISK can manufacture ultrafine Tio2 that is particularly superior in either dispersibility and/or durability by controlling the production method.
Furthermore, ISK offers different shapes such as spherical, dendrite and spindle.
dd⊙ TTO grades are mostly white, however, ISK has developed a unique technology to produce a TTO grade with a beige hue, making the powder suitable for cosmetics.

dd⊙ Cosmetics, UV-shielding sunscreens, Foundations
dd⊙ UV-shielding film, Textiles, Paints, Inks
dd⊙ Automobile top-coats
dd⊙ Coating materials for magnetic films and disks
dd⊙ Additives for toners and silicone rubber