VCI 140 M/B


- TOWREX VCI 140MB is a specially designed master batch, containing 40% pure anti-corrosion agent as volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) and 60% polyethylene resin.
TOWREX VCI 140MB is for manufacturing anti-corrosion polyethylene film.
In the sealed packaging film, TOWREX VCI 140MB makes the inside full with volatile corrosion inhibitor by diffusion.
The metallic surface covered with volatile corrosion inhibitor has strong anti-rust properties.


▶ Anti-corrosion polyethylene film
 Anti-rust for metal


 Anti-rust film can be made easily by mixing only.
 Volatile process gives uniform effect.
 Long period strong effect on preventing rust.


The level of 5 to 7% is recommended to be added into the film.

Polyethylene film




Cast iron






Containing VCI 140MB


Mark ◎ No corrosion / ○ Some corrosion spot / △ Marry corrosion spot / × All corrosion


 25kg moisture proof bag.