- KD Chem has launched environmentally friendly stabilizers in accordance with the trend toward greener products, continually reducing or eliminating harmful and possibly harmful raw materials.

- These stabilizers provide our customers with similar levels of performance compared to the traditional systems

while protecting the environment

● Products

DivisionPhenol-free StabilizersLow Odor Stabilizers
S-PVCBa-ZnLOX-203PFBa-ZnLOX-203PF, LOX-208H, LOX-386L, LOX-4188H, LOX-900NH, LOX-311H
Ca-ZnLTX-200PFCa-ZnLTX-200PF, LTX-620N, LTX-630L, LTX-630Q, LTX-630T
Ca-ZnLTX-930PF, LTX-900L
Ca-ZnLTX-930PFK-ZnLFX-800, EBZ-315P, LFX-890
Na-ZnLFX-910, LFX-910D-1, LFX-990
● Transparent Sheet
Environmentally Friendly Stabilizers-Transparent Sheet

● Opaque Sheet
Environmentally Friendly Stabilizers-Opaque Sheet