POWERMESH-RF / Micro fiber

Polypropylene fiber for concrete and mortar

Physical Properties

▶ Materials : Virgin homopolymer polypropylene

 Specific gravity : 0.91

 Melting point : 160~170℃

 Tensile strength : Min. 500MPa

 Acid/Alkali resistance : Excellent

 Absorption : Nil

 Length : 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm

● Benefits

 Reduces segregation, plastic settlement and shrinkage cracking

 Increases impact, shatter and abrasion resistance of concrete

 Reduced permeability

 Increases fatigue resistance and toughness in hardened concrete

 Reduction concrete spalling failure in fire

 Replacement for wire mesh

● Applications

 Interior/exterior, Industrial/Commercial slabs

 Slope paving / Driveways



 Precast concrete

 High rise buildings

 Repair concrete and mortar

● Packaging

 0.9kg/Poly bag


 Special packaging available on request