Jute fiber for concrete and mortar

Physical Properties

▶ Materials : Natural cellulose-Jute
 Specific gravity : 1.2±0.1
 Shape : Twisted-bundle type
 Fiber length : 10mm(13mm, 19mm, 28mm)
 Collar : Brown
 Moisture content : Max. 12%

● Benefits

 Reduces segregation, plastic settlement and shrinkage cracking
 Increases shatter and abrasion resistance of concrete
 Reduced permeability
 Increases fatigue resistance and toughness in hardened concrete
 Replacement for welded wire mesh

● Applications

 Interior/exterior, Industrial/Commercial slabs
 Slope paving
 Precast concrete
 Repair concrete and mortar

● Packaging

 0.9kg/Poly bag
 Special packaging available on request